13 years and still going strong !

13 years and still going strong !

16th April marks another anniversary year for Chinara Enterprises !

I am really proud to be celebrating yet another year in business. This past year has been a very challenging one , both personally and professionally. However in spite of what challenges have come my way, Chinara Enterprises is still standing!

This time last year, we were in the midst of a national lockdown, and many business and individuals have suffered during this last year, and are still suffering. I have lost very close family and friends to COVID, and had my own personal health challenges too, and still found a way to keep going. Many people ask me, how do I do it? Carol don’t you ever sleep?

I have no secret to how I do what I do, no formula, its mainly my faith, having a great team around me who share the same values and aspirations for Chinara Enterprises, and have been a great source of support.

Over the past year Chinara Enterprises has had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects, I almost feel as if we contributed to the “war effort” as we delivered two national programmes to over 1,000 people to support them in returning to social work practice.

We were really honoured to have been selected to deliver the national Return to Social Work programme for the Local Government Association to 184 people from across England , we also worked with King’s College London to deliver training for the Social Work Together programme, for social workers who were placed on the temporary register with Social Work England, during COVID 19.

We had a high calibre of participants on the programme , and had nearly 80% successfully re register with Social Work England.

We were really pleased to be working with such a great team of trainers, coaches and academics from across England, who worked together to shape the programme, deliver and provide support to all the learners.

Myself and Stephanie, together with the LGA provided the wrap around support to learners, and the feedback from learners overall was really positive, and for some life changing.

As much as a challenge this was, it also provided us an opportunity to reflect on our delivery model, and as a result we were able to develop an online learning platform for the programmes, to enable learners to access useful tools and resources to support their learning. The refreshed website and online platform was developed by Delton Digital and You Now Have Digital, who also worked with the team to develop E learning  resources.


After the programmes ended we took the opportunity to refresh our website and launch a new learning and development platform. .The online platform provides members access to free e learning, resources and discounted access to learning events. We have our own ticketing platform with a secure payment platform.

We were also commissioned by Liquid Personnel to develop an online learning platform for their 1500 agency social workers across the UK.

In addition to this we have continued to deliver bespoke courses for a number of other recruitment agencies, including Social Personnel, Reed, Connect2Socialwork.  

2020 was the first year of registration renewal for Social Workers in England, all social workers were required to record and reflect on CPD throughout the year , and had a deadline of 30th November. 

As a social worker myself I recognise the challenge in making time for my own personal and professional development. In recognition of this, I facilitated a number of workshops with Social Work England on how to meet the CPD requirements for Social Work England.  We received great feedback on these workshops, with social workers feeling more confident in recording their CPD on time !

One of our other successes for this past year is gaining accreditation of Provider of Training Excellence , from the Professional Development Consortium.

This accreditation, was awarded in recognition of the high standards we set in providing learning and development for all of our clients.

We are looking forward to another productive year, with new projects, more events, expanding our business offering and our 1-1 support.

All of this would not have been possible without the support of my team of associates, by business mentor, my tech team, accountants Bayar Hughes and Co and my insurance broker Acorn Insurance, and my solicitor Richard Long who have also stuck by me in my 13 years.

Finally I would like to thank all of you who have supported Chinara Enterprises on our journey over the past 13 years, whether you are a client, supplier, promoter, artist, attendee, associate . We have a very exciting journey ahead of us, and we look forward to another 13 years and more !

Checkout our website to explore what we have to offer !


Time for a Spring clean, with a fresh start !

Time for a Spring clean, with a fresh start !

Spring is here and we are slowly coming out of lockdown !

A lot of people use this time of year to do a bit of a spring clean, I often wander where the term “spring clean” originates from.

On Wikipedia, they state that some researchers trace the origins of spring cleaning to the Persian new year, which falls on the first day of spring. This practice still continues today, with the house being thoroughly cleaned just before the new year.

The spring for some  also is a time of new beginnings. maybe a new job, new home, refurbished home.

Over the past year I have spoken with many social workers who feel stuck in terms of their career, and not sure what direction they want to travel. Some end up doing a job because that they don’t really enjoy, and then find themselves stuck and not sure how to get the job they really want and enjoy.

I have used what I call a personal life map, and mapped out all the things that I have done both as a career and voluntary work, and reflected on where my journey has taken me.  I have always found a common thread, of something that is always a feature in my life, this may be in my paid work or voluntary work.

I used that life map to help inform what I am doing now for my career, which is about developing people.

Spring is a good time for you to think about your own personal and professional goals.

Our personal development plan template in our useful resources, may assist you in personal goal setting, and making sure you keep on  track. If you are a member you can access these resources for free.

We also have some great CPD events taking place this month, which will assist you further.

Are you feeling stuck?

Why not book a session with one of our coaching team, to help you explore your goals.

Are you maintaining the CPD requirements for Social Work England?

To help you continue to meet the requirements of Social Work England, we have some great events taking place, in addition to useful tools and resources.

We have a briefing on the Liberty Protection Safeguards, with one of the UK leading lawyers on the new legislation.  Tim Spencer Lane has been involved in the implementation of the new legislation and the guidance.

This is an amazing opportunity to engage with one of the UK’s leading experts.

As a member you get a discount on all of our events.

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I am hosting another CPD masterclass on how to meet the CPD requirements for Social Work England, taking place on Tuesday 4th May. This event is free to members, just log in using your email and enter your access code. Non members can access this event for £10 + VAT

Click on the latest events section of the website to see details of all the up coming  events and to book your place.

Free learning and development event for social workers

Free learning and development event for social workers

Come and join us at our free event and take a tour of our learning and development platform, and learn about how we can support you with your professional development, and in maintaining your Social Work England registration.

We are holding a free event for members and guests  on Tuesday 23 March 6 pm- 7 pm to celebrate our recent accreditation, as well as to take you through a tour of our learning and development platform and member benefits.

We will also have a representative from the Golden Blues to talk about their offer for members.

Book your place, and bring your own drinks and snacks !

We would also like to hear from you about what else you would like to see on the site. What other CPD needs do you have?

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We look forward to seeing you !

13 years and still going strong !

Chinara Enterprises Provider of Training Excellence Accreditation

Chinara Enterprises is proud to announce that today , Wednesday 17th March 2021, we were successful in gaining accreditation of Provider of Training Excellence (PTE), from the Professional Development Consortium (PDC).

This accreditation has been awarded as a result of a rigorous assessment of our learning and development activities and services for individuals and organisations, as well as our processes.

The PDC supports all those involved in providing continual professional development (CPD) and work with the Provider of Training Excellence organisation in assessing providers of training as well as courses, to ensure they are meeting the required professional standards.

The consortium was developed from a research project based at Kingston University Business school.

The PTE accreditation is a significant achievement for Chinara Enterprises , as  it demonstrates our commitment as a company to maintaining excellence in what we do. As we enter our 13th year as a business, and given the significant challenges the world has faced this past year, we could not be prouder of what we have achieved.

The accreditation shows that we:

  • Ensure our  content is of high quality and is developed from trusted resources. We work with subject matter experts to develop our learning and development material.
  • We follow processes adopted by sector leaders in training & learning
  • Our commitment to  providing an outstanding learning experiences for all of our learners and customers
  • Are committed to ensuring that our learners are able to measure impact  as a result of our learning and development activities 

As a customer, whether you are an individual, corporate client, member or non member, this will provide you with assurance of the quality of the learning and development we provide.

Our company will be required to undergo re accreditation every 2 years, to ensure that we continue to meet the PDC standards.

What does this mean for our customers ?

It means that our customers no matter who they are can be assured of excellent service. When you attend any of our learning  and development events, your certificate will bear the PTE logo, which provides assurance of the quality of our learning, which learners can show to employers, as well as add to your CPD portfolio.

We would like to thank all of our customers past and present, as well as our team of associates,  Chinara Enterprises team, partners, clients who have worked with us over the past 13 years , without whom we would not have achieved this.

We look forward to working the PDC team on maintaining our accreditation and promoting high quality CPD for all !

Rear view of Asian businessman working and online meeting via video conference with colleague



World Social Work Day

World Social Work Day

Happy World Social Work Day 2021 !

Tell us what you are doing to celebrate it, tweet us @chinara1 with the #worldsocialworkday with your message or image.

The theme this year is Ubuntu  ” I am Because We are – Strengthening Social Solidarity and Global Connectedness ”

This theme resonates with me for so many reasons at this time, given the challenges we are facing with regards to the pandemic, our physical and mental well being, and the injustices we are seeing all over the world.

Over this past year, I have had many conversations since the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and in the past week the interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with Oprah Winfrey about racism and institutional racism.

These conversations have sadly shown me that we still have a long way to go, I am seeing a worrying rise in the increase of right wing views expressed in full view of the world, in all forms of media, giving rise to an increase in online and offline hate crime and bullying.

I am seeing more people and organisations reflecting on their own values, and practice within their own organisation.  I have also seen an increase in diversity in all forms of media, as a result of a sudden realisation of the importance of reflecting a more accurate portrayal of society.  Maybe companies have realised that they are not reaching out to diverse audiences or maybe the worldwide reaction to the recent events have made them reflect.

I have been involved in either delivering or developing  diversity training for over 30 years, and I often question the impact of diversity training, although years ago it was called race awareness, with more of a focus of learning about other cultures and what racism is, as opposed to encouraging participants to reflect on their own unconscious bias.

In the 1970’s s we saw the emergence of Black Identity theories such as Cross 1971, and in the 1990’s a rise in Black Identity training,in the wake of research  into the impact of transracial adoption, a common practice in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Fast forward 30 plus years, we now have Cultural Competency or Unconscious Bias training , which encourages us to reflect on our own values, and develop positive attitudes towards cultural differences, and gaining knowledge about different cultures  to enable us to understand more about different cultures and their experiences, to help build better relationship. It also encourages us to reflect on any unconscious bias we may have towards others.

The variations of culture or diversity training all have the same aim, which is to enable people to understand the constructs of racism and discrimination, to encourage reflection on one’s values and perceptions, with the aim of hopefully one day achieving  equality for all, an end to discrimination and racism as well as other forms of oppression.

So has it made a difference? 

The Home Office published a report in 2018, which showed in the years 2017/18 there were over 94, 000 hate crimes recorded by  Police in England and Wales, an increase of over 17% from the previous year. In  2019 that figure increased to over 97, 000 and in March 2020 there were over 105, 000 hate crimes reported.

As you can see that despite all legislation we have in place and all the training in place, we are seeing an increase year on year.

So what needs to change?

There needs to be personal as well as organisational shift. Its not enough just to have an equality and diversity policy, or mandatory equality and diversity training, that is merely a tick box exercise, when your organisation is not reflective of diversity at all levels, and your services do not meet the needs of diverse groups and staff are still experiencing inequality and discrimination.

Having celebrations in Black History month, or LGBT month and doing nothing the rest of the year, won’t have the same impact as having something that is integral in all of your celebrations and events, all year round.

When you go on training, do you reflect on what you need to do differently? Do you reflect on your own values and perceptions?

If we want to bring about any form of sustainable and long lasting change, we need to start with self. We need to value the diversity of other cultures, of people from different backgrounds, ages, genders, ability and disability, and show it in our actions.

Creating that domino effect, wherein you model the behaviour you want to see in others is one way in which we can bring about this change.

I would love to hear your own thoughts on the theme. Follow us on Twitter or on Facebook Chinara Enterprises and leave your views.

I also want to take the time to say a personal thank you to all social workers who have worked through one of the most challenging times during the past year, putting yourselves at risk to ensure that there is a service for all who need it during the pandemic.

We see a lot of claps for the NHS, who I know have found it equally if not more challenging during this time, and with very little reward.

Be proud of what you have achieved, I know I am proud of my contribution to social work, and feel very lucky to be doing something that I enjoy.

I shall be sharing my social work journey next week as part of our first free members event, as well as providing a guided tour of the new platform.

I hope to see you there !

CPD events 

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You can also access discounted rates for Making Research Count (MRC) events.  A gentle reminder that you can only access the special rate for MRC events through this link, you will pay more if you book direct with MRC, so please do not email MRC to book.

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CPD hot topic !

We are really pleased to be launching an important seminar on the Liberty Protection Safeguards.

This is an essential briefing to gain an insight into the key legislative changes regarding mental capacity.

We have one of the leading lawyers Tim Spencer Lane,  speaking at this seminar, with a Q and A.

Date: Tuesday 20th April  2021

Time: 6pm-7.30 pm

In July 2018, the government published a Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill, which passed into law in May 2019. It replaces the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) with a scheme known as the Liberty Protection Safeguards

This seminar will provide an overview of the following:

Background to the LPS – why they were introduced and key principles
What types of arrangements can be authorised and by whom?
The authorisation process
The key safeguards – including rights to advocacy and the Court of Protection
Other features of the LPS – including interim authorisations and the Mental Health Act interface
Next steps – the public consultation on the Code and regs, and transitional arrangements

Facilitator: Tim Spencer Lane

Tim is a lawyer who specialises in mental capacity, mental health, and social care law. He works for the Government Legal Department (Department of Health and Social Care) where he advises on mental capacity and mental health law.

At the Law Commission, Tim led the review of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

The fee is £20 + VAT for non members

£15 + VAT for members

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