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We’re on a mission

To provide person-centred training and development to social work contractors and agencies across the UK!

About Us

Looking for quality training and development for social work contractors?

At Chinara Enterprises, we understand career progression for agency & contract social workers can be challenging.
That’s why we’re dedicated to making it easier for social work contractors, like you, to get access to the quality training and career development tools you need to support people better in their lives.

If you’re ready to accelerate your career development, you’re in the right place!
Since 2008, we’ve been committed to providing person-centred support for social work contractors and agencies by helping them accelerate their professional training and development.

We take a solution-focused approach to support our clients and members toward achieving better outcomes for their businesses and careers.
Unlike other training providers, we offer a fully holistic service. This means we not only support you in remaining safely on the social work register and staying on top of your CPDs but we also offer access to mentorship, career coaching and ongoing 1:1 support and reflective supervision.

Our team is made up of expert consultants, who have experience in multiple sectors within social work in the UK. This makes it easier for us to tailor our solutions to your specific, professional needs.

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Why Chinara Enterprises

Public Sector Specialists

With the perpetual demand for increasingly efficient public sector services, we make it our business to understand the specific challenges faced by public sector organisations.

Virtual Learning Platform

Our experienced team is up to date with the latest virtual technologies such as Zoom, efficiently incorporating it into their workflow to help deliver training, mentoring and also other remote consultancy services, within a secure, safe, encrypted environment. 

Easy To Do Business With

Whether it be remotely or face to face, our holistic person-centred approach allows us to effectively work with you in designing and providing tailor-made services and strategies, which will ensure that transformative results are achieved. 

Tailored learning

Whether you’re implementing or delivering blended or virtual learning, we have a team of consultants who can work with you to produce and deliver your tailored workforce development requirements.

Top Talent

At Chinara Enterprises, we source expert consultants who themselves have a proven track record. We are very committed to engaging consultants who reflect the Chinara branding and high quality service.

High Customer Satisfaction

Providing a holistic high-level of service to our customers is our primary focus, which is why we quality assure all of our work to ensure that we achieve positive transformative results, to which regularly leads to contract retention. 

Business services

Want to learn more about our solutions for your business?

If you have any questions or enquiries about how our services may benefit yourself or your organisation, please feel free to contact us, likewise make sure to visit our business services page to also find out more.