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Best practice in supporting social workers return to social work practice.

Best practice in supporting social workers return to social work practice.

Social Work England: Social Work week event 

Local authorities across the country continue to struggle to recruit experienced social workers.

This seminar will be sharing learning from the training and development programme delivered for social workers returning to social work practice. We will explore the benefits of such programmes, and how they can aid recruitment.

We shall be reflecting on what works, sharing our successes from the training programme, and hear from previous participants.

This seminar will be of benefit to social workers wishing to return and employers of social workers

Who can attend?
All qualified social workers who would like to know more about returning to social work practice, having left the register and wish to re-register, or those who are registered and need support with getting back into practice.

Employers of social workers who would like to find out how they can tap into this untapped workforce

Facilitators: Carol Stewart

Carol is Director of Chinara Enterprises ltd, and a registered social worker of over 25 years. She has been managing learning and development programmes for the LGA Return to Social Work national programme She is also a senior workforce development consultant, and the company has been delivering CPD for social workers for 15 years

Professor Jil Manthorpe and James Blewett of Kings College London

Suzanne Hudson: Senior Advisor: Workforce and Policy : The Local Government Association

Members of the Chinara Enterprises team and previous participants will also be sharing their experience

Best practice in supporting social workers return to social work practice.

CPD peer reflection workshop

All social workers registered with Social Work England are required to maintain and evidence their CPD before the annual renewal deadline in November each year.

From  1st December 2021 the following changes have been made about meeting the CPD requirements:

To meet the CPD requirements, you must record:

  • a minimum of 2 pieces of CPD, including
  • at least one piece of CPD with a peer reflection.

This event aims to :
Provide a reflective space for you to reflect on your CPD. The session will enable you to

  • Discuss what you have learnt from completing CPD, using one of your own examples
  • the positive impact the CPD activity has had (or will have) on your role, practice and the people you work with

Attending this event will not only support you in meeting the requirements for peer reflection, but will also count as 1 of the 2 pieces of CPD you are required to undertake

To prepare for this event, please come prepared with at least one piece of CPD you have undertaken

Who can attend ?
All registered Social Workers

Facilitator : Carol Stewart

Carol is Director of Chinara Enterprises ltd, and a registered social worker of over 25 years. She has been running these events for a number of years and supporting social workers in meeting the CPD requirements for the social work regulator.

New year ! Get started with your learning and development

New year ! Get started with your learning and development

Its a new year, and a  new registration year for all social workers, as well as being  a time when most people start to think about planning  a new career

Sound  like you? if this sounds  like you, then  why not start your new year with Chinara Enterprises, and kickstart your personal and professional development .

From December 2021 CPD requirements for registered social workers have  changed.  All registered social workers have to record and reflect on  at least 2 pieces of CPD per year, and reflect on at least one piece of CPD with a peer.

We are pleased to be  hosting a series of seminars to support social workers to meet these requirements.

Start your CPD for 2022 with these informative seminars !

Reflecting on your CPD

A group peer reflective session for social workers to reflect on CPD, to enable you to meet  the Social Work England CPD requirements.

From December 2021 it is now a requirement for social  workers to reflect on CPD with a peer, for at least one piece of CPD.

This event is free to members, you will need to be  logged into your account to access a free ticket and use your coupon code when you checkout in your basket.

Non members: If you are a non member the fee is £5.00 + VAT , and you can claim the £5 fee back off your first year of annual membership with Chinara Enterprises.

This seminar will be held on the following dates:




Time: 6pm-7.30 : Online

Effective working together to safeguard children and families

A reflective discussion and examination of some of the most recent criminal trials relating to child deaths.

Date: Monday 7th  February 2022 6pm-7.30

Where: Online

Facilitator : James Blewett,  Independent trainer and consultant: James is an experienced qualified and registered social worker who has great experience in CPD and practice mentoring. James has run London Making Research (MRC) King’s College London for over 10 years and is widely respected in the London social work workforce sector. He brings a wealth of experience in supporting individual social workers and offering them guidance about practice and professional conduct.

Fee: Members £15 + VAT  total £18.00 :To access this rate you will need to be  logged into your account  and use the coupon code Chinara21 when you checkout in your basket

Non members £25 + VAT total £30.00

Visit the events page to book your tickets

Why not take out membership, and take that all important step in planning and developing yourself. As a member, you get access to a wealth of free resources and discounts on CPD events, as well as free members events and discount on 1-1 services, such as reflective supervision, coaching and mentoring.

We are really pleased to be able to offer flexible  payment plans for those that would  value spreading  the costs of any courses or 1-1 sessions you would like.

Visit our homepage to find out more

Are you ready for Social Work registration renewal ?

Are you ready for Social Work registration renewal ?

I hope you are keeping well !

If you are a registered social worker or a social worker looking to return to social work practice, we are pleased to be hosting a free event with Social Work England , which will take place online.
If you are a registered social worker, you are legally required to record and reflect on a least one piece of CPD for this year
We will also provide some guidance for those wishing to return to social work practice, and practical examples on how to meet the CPD requirements for registration renewal.
Remember you need to renew before the 30th November , don’t leave it until the last minute !

Its on 1st November 6pm-7.30 , to book click here
Just RSVP and you will receive the Zoom details before the event.

We look forward to seeing you on the 1st November.
Have a great weekend !


Going live !

Going live !

In this edition

  • Community Care Live
  • Free CPD event

Community Care Live 

After nearly 18 months, we finally get the opportunity to attend live events ! Although we are still not out of the woods yet, we all still need to take precautions and do everything we can to reduce the spread of COVID 19 and keep ourselves safe and well.

Community Care Live, is one of the leading industry events for social workers and employers of social workers. The 2 day event includes a wide range of free seminars, exhibitors, employers, training companies and much more. The event is free to registered social workers, and takes place at the Business Centre on the 12th and 13th October

Chinara Enterprises will be exhibiting for the first time at this event, and we shall also be hosting a free networking event on the evening of the 12th October, straight after the first day of the exhibition

We have a unique link especially for our readers, to register for the event for free, if you are a registered social worker. To register for the event using our unique link click here

Attending Community Care Live, will enable you to not only meet your CPD requirements for Social Work registration, if you are looking for work, you will get the opportunity to meet with prospective employers

We shall be have information about the services we have on offer, as well as some very special event offers. We look  forward to seeing you there !

Free CPD event

Following our last live event on how to meet the CPD requirements for social work registration, we shall be hosting more live events on how to meet the CPD requirements. We are holding them at times to suit you. We will be talking through some examples of how to record on your Social Work England account, and provide an opportunity for you to share your examples .

To register visit our events page, and whilst you are there checkout our latest events.

Why not take out annual membership and benefit from huge savings and special offers for members and free events. Click on this page to find out more.